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I Got a Baby Brother!


His name is Blake Thomas and he was born December 29. He was born on Dads birthday!

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Attention Friends and Family

Do you all know about the Guatemalan Orphanage started by Tamara Hillstrom in memory of my Great Grandmother Patricia? Please take the time to take a look at their website! These kids were not lucky enough to be born in our heavily blessed part of the world but have been blessed by the love and commitment of Tamara Hillstrom.

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Oh boy, I’ve been a busy boy!

I have been one busy busy boy!
I’m about to be one this coming Sunday. I’m pretty excited for my first birthday party! I think I saw what my parents got me. I’m pretty excited!
Let’s catch up on my last couple months!

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Such a Big Boy

Such a Big Boy

My 9 month photo

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Merry Christmas Y’all, here are a bunch of pictures of me!


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Always happy at bath time!

I love to be clean!

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So many things are happening!!! There was a wild turkey roaming the hood, I am the most sick I have been in my whole life and it’s almost my first Thanksgiving!!! Also, 2 of my cousins were born in the last 2 weeks! Here are the pictures I have so far. The wild turkey and me being sick and sleeping and me being sick but still playing happily ❤


I love standing!

No, I’m serious. I love pulling myself up and standing! I don’t always know how to sit back down and sometimes I have to cry until Mom helps, but mostly, I love standing!

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Back in Black

I don’t know what it is about song titles, but I just can’t get enough. I am such a music fan! My parents are shocked at my musical talents.

My mom grounded me from the internet but I am back! She was all concerned about me getting too much screen time with all the tv I insist on watching… blah. blah. blah.


Let me catch you up on me!


Montage style… does this thing let me put it to music? Nope:(


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The Best Little Shopper in Minnesota

I love shopping with my mom. We have so much fun!

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